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Founded in 1992
to explore opportunity
in real estate

Keyestone was established as a sole-source Hong Kong investment enterprise.

The company chiefly focuses on complex residential, commercial, and hotel and resort property projects and are currently involved in residential and commercial real estate investment and development on Hainan Island.

Business opportunities with Keyestone

Keyestone are committed to working with like-minded business partners, and quality-conscious suppliers and contractors. 
Suppliers and contractors are engaged for their ability to demonstrate a strong work ethic to deliver ongoing project success and quality across the Keyestone portfolio. 
We constantly seek quality partners and strategic business opportunities that will add synergy to a growing portfolio. 
Environmental innovation is a very important aspect of the Keyestone approach. The company strives to identify eco-friendly products and services that can improve long-term environmental performance. 
Potential business partners and vendors in project design and development, property construction, and building and management services are invited to talk to us about the rewards of working with Keyestone.